In Quest of the Deeper Self



                      The Journey of Life – A Preamble 

   1.                  Purpose of the Book

      2.                  Opening the Gates

      3.                  A Train Journey – The Vaigai Express

      4.                  Paradigms for Reflection


                       The Two Circles

                             Mental Knots

                             Radial Dive           

                             Deep Ocean Peace

                             Polarization and Convergence

                             Inner Transformation 

  5.                The Effervescence Euphoria


                             Nature of the Esoteric Field

                             Native Intelligence

                             Natural Religion

                             Primordial Fountain 

  6.                 River as a Metaphor

                             The Sankhya Philosophy

      7.              The Noisy Mind

                             Conditioning Elements

                             Introspective Analysis – not useful

                             Psychological Identifications

                             The Eight Vortices 


                             Outer Self

                             Human Violence 

   8.             Radical Transformation

                              The Bardo

                              Shattering Readings                             

                                        Reflections on OBE

                              Emanation of the ‘I’     


                              Nadha Yoga

                             ‘No Challenge’ as a Challenge!    

                                       Esoteric Questions                                   

   9.                 Death and the Message from NDE

                              The Uneasy Event

                              The Mini Death Experience

                              The Truth of Reincarnation

                              Understanding the True Self

       10.                Good Health

                              The Second Line

                              The Third Line 

                              The Fourth Line

       11.       Childlikeness



                               Pointers from Stories

                               Pointers from Essays

       12.                 This Matter of ‘DOs & DON’Ts’

                              The Practical Side versus the Inner Dive

                              The Five Wise Items

                              Outward and Inward Riches      

       13.       Satori and Monism

       14.        Epilogue



                            A         An Experience of Satori

                            B         Yet Another Satori

                            C         Universal Consciousness












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