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Paranormal Phenomena

People who are drawn to the esoteric side of life usually find paranormal phenomena an intriguing area for exploration.  That area takes us to a different dimension of awareness and hence gives us a chance to look at life from unconventional angles.  Three good sites are given below for interested readers to expand their understanding in the direction of paranormal occurrences and their meaning.

  1. Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc.

   2.  Dr Carlos S. Alvarado's articles 


  3.  Mr Michael Tymn can be contacted at


September 1, 2014

People who understand the need to go beyond finding mere satisfaction through belief systems move out of the habitual neurology and very soon find out that inexhaustible resources lie hidden behind the conventional mind.  They begin to sense, non-verbally, the value of the universal consciousness covered over by the egoistic ripples of the shallow mind.  Subsequently, they move away from the attachment to sectarian religious practices and begin to discover for themselves the essence of the messages from the great masters of humanity.  They strike their own trails and that is how the socially driven ego in them begins to dissolve.  They understand the purity of alone-ness and steer clear of 'Groupism' that divides humanity into warring factions. 

One of the recent masters directing people to move towards the unspoilt consciousness in them is Mooji.  Many video clippings of his conversations are available on the YouTube.  One such is given below on the theme of  'Choice or Destiny'.

It would be interesting to reflect on what Mooji tries to convey through conversations with small, deeply listening audiences.

August 10, 2012 can be an interesting site for people interested in the esoteric side of life. You may visit my article here:

July 27, 2012

The following webpage will be of interest to those who wish to apply themselves to the matter of inward journey into oneself:


June 4, 2012

For interesting articles on Out of Body Experiences, the site may be visited.


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