Enrichment of Life 

                  through understanding the Near Death Experience (NDE).

           There has been a growing awareness about the experience that some people go through as a

result of clinical death for a short time after which they are resuscitated.  Though there are some

skeptical opinions about it, it is good to explore into the NDE as it has some clear esoteric message

to give us.  Understanding the Deeper Self is aided by the understanding of Near Death Experiences.


           What is NDE and why is it a good theme to explore?  These questions are explored in the

book “In Quest of the Deeper Self”.   The pointers from applying ourselves to NDE can help us

understand life from a wider and deeper perspective.  This, in turn, brings about harmony in our daily

life and permeates it with a vibrant quality.  Our relationship with relatives, friends and others begin

to have deeper meaning.  It moves us towards a compassionate field so that we bring in greater joy in

our relationships.  People close to us begin to feel this enrichment brought about by understanding

NDE.  Fear of death becomes weaker and weaker and there is a tendency to apply ourselves spiritedly

to all aspects of life, including the frivolous ones!

                   More importantly, when we gain understanding of the NDE (even though we may not have

died!), we help the revived people to understand the inner meaning of NDE so that they feel

comfortable with that resounding experience.  The NDE people usually feel reluctant to talk to anyone

about it for fear of being considered psychotic or one who has gone nuts!  Actually, those who consider

them as gone “cuckoo” are the ones who are to be pitied!   By applying ourselves to NDE, we will be

able to help the NDE people readjust to their practical life while also making it clear to them that

they are actually the blessed ones for being given a chance to have a peep into the other side, beyond


                       Shakespeare said “The quality of mercy is double blessed; it blesseth him that gives and him

that takes.”  Attention to NDE is also like that.  It elevates both the one that carries the message

and the one that receives it.

          Death and NDE are dealt with at length in the book. 


A paper entitled "On the Spiritual Content of NDEs" was presented by TC Gopalakrishnan at the conference of the

International Association for Near Death Studoes (IANDS) at Durham, NC, on Sept 2, 2011.  Interested people may

write to him for a copy of the article on that presentation.   gopal.tc@gmail.com

NDE Message Updates 

May 17, 2012

From the Seattle IANDS Group archives 

Anita Moorjani's NDE, brought on by cancer in Feb 2006 in Hong Kong, is one of the great stories of healing.

Anita's words: "None of us is as 'real' or physical as we think we are. From what I saw, it looked like we are

energy first, and that the physical is only an expression of our energy. And, therefore, we can change our

physical reality if we change our energy. It is in that moment of elevating your energy level that you can change

your future. With this knowledge you can create our own heaven or hell here on earth."



 Two good organizations that study NDE are

          International Association for Near Death Studies  



          The Near Death Experience Research Foundation


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