You are about to start a slide show by a Power Point Presentation touching on some

contents of the book "In Quest of the Deeper Self".  Click the file name 

(given at the bottom of this description) and it will take you to the slide show.


     A Note:

    It is said that the rhinoceros functions by a simple principle:

                                                                                  "When in doubt, charge."!  

    We do something similar while going through this slide show. 

                                                "When in doubt, click".  Something will happen! 

      However, unlike the rhinoceros, we should exercise some patience!

Click on the file name (Slide Show.ppt) below, to see the slide

show. As the file is of size 9 mb, it may, in some cases, 

take a while to open. Your comments will be much appreciated!


If you wish to return to the Home Page in the middle of

the slide show, go to the last slide and click on the link there. 

Slide Show.pps Slide Show.pps
Size : 8761 Kb
Type : pps
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