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     An important corollary issue, namely, the Near Death Experience, has a lot of spiritual content to it and can help people get over the fear of death and sense something beyond the apparent.  Messages from such experiences expand our perspectives about death as well as about life.  Those interested may write to me for a profound Reader’s Digest article in this respect that appeared in 1974.  I will send the article to them.

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September 28, 2015

An interesting issue in some of the NDEs is that, after meeting the Light, they see a heaven like scene at a distance and, from there, people (who have already passed away) waving to them.  At that point, those who wish to return do not go further but return to their bodies. This makes them feel very sad. The following episode was narrated by Sue Adams after her NDE in 1989.  Her NDE also indicates that many variations exist in the type of things that transpire during an NDE.

"I wasn't in the hospital ward anymore, but on a beach looking out to sea.The sea was a beautiful blue, the sort of color you see in holiday brochures but never in real life.The horizon seemed very close, and on it there was the most lovely light, a warm, glowing, white light that filled the sky.  I had a strong feeling that I could walk across to the light - not wade through it, but walk on top of it. I could see other people standing in the light, and they appeared to be standing on top of the water, too. I could see them beckoning to me, and I wanted to go and join them."    

Many more such NDEs (but with quite a few variations) are explained in the book

"Death's Door" by Jean Ritchie.

June 29, 2015

Insight into what lies beyond the physical death can help us grow into abiding inner peace.  A phenomenon known as After Death Communication (ADC) is an interesting occurrence that shows how people who leave us can still communicate with us.  It can indeed be very comforting.

The vast majority of human beings live under the shadow of the fear of death – one’s own and that of the near and dear ones.  They can release themselves from that pain by paying attention to ADC.

The conventional neurology that keeps the majority of people under its thumb does not encourage them to explore what lies beyond the ending of life – an uneasy region they would like to avoid.  This is partly because they get some comfort from their religious beliefs and would like to keep it that way.  Exploring into the unknown may go against those beliefs and take away even the little comfort that they derive from them.  This is understandable but is not a wise path to take, because beliefs are given to us by others and are not born from our own perceptions.  As a result, using beliefs as a shield against fear is like pushing the fear under the carpet.  That is, obviously, not an intelligent way to handle the situation.   For the people who wish to go beyond mere beliefs, the paranormal phenomena offer a fertile field for investigation.  Amongst such phenomena, ADC is one.  When we combine this with NDE and OBE, we are able to look at the ending of life from different angles and so get a glimpse of the truth beyond the earthly realm.     

Consciousness continues in some form after the mundane life ends.  This cannot be proved in the same way as scientific things can be established for the simple reason that science is completely within the five senses realm while the afterlife consciousness is beyond that realm.  The truth of such consciousness can only be understood through an earnest investigation supported not only by reason but by intuition. There has to be phenomenal patience and the deep eagerness to understand.

A lot of work has been done in ADC and some books written on it.  A good example is the book Messages by Bonnie McEneaney.  That book describes ADCs associated with the signs, visits and premonitions from loved ones lost on 9/11.  It is a book about hope and loving connections which go well beyond the boundaries that exist between life and the afterlife.  Bonnie herself had ADCs from her husband lost in 9/11.  She endeavored to collect similar episodes from other sufferers like her from that event.  She says that those ADCs gave her the firm feeling that the spirit never really dies and that our spiritual connection with those that we love is never lost.  Most of the people who are certain they have known ADCs say those experiences have given them deep comfort and peace.  

It may be surprising but it has been found that the percentage of widows experiencing an ADC is as high as 70 to 80 percent. (See newsletter Vital Signs of, vol. 31, no. 3).  An article by Nancy Clark in that newsletter says the kind of ADC that happened to her (within a month after her husband passed away) is usually defined as synchronicity.   This is the amazing way in which the person concerned receives a communication from the deceased loved one by an occurrence that cannot be explained away as mere coincidence.  Its emotional and factual import can be known only by a firsthand experience of an ADC.  The skeptics may have to wait until they have one!               

October 24, 2014

The case of Anita Moorjani's NDE has attracted a lot of attention from people in the recent years.  She has published a book entitled "Dying To Be Me" in 2012.  All those interested in NDE would find this book a fascinating one on the topic.  The important message from her on her NDE is that we are all spiritual beings

June 26, 2014

Psychological Death and the Purity of Aloneness

We understand something about ourselves non-verbally through self-awareness.  The conventional mindset is governed by identification with people, things or ideas.  Such an identification is necessary for the ego to maintain its continuity.  That is how it ends up with emotional attachment to those items of identification.  The ‘I’ thus formed by the conventional thought process is afraid of its ending.  That is where the identification gives it a semblance of security.  It is also the reason why people become very disturbed when their religion is criticized.  Dependence on religion for psychological security is the basic factor that leads to fanaticism and violence - thus denying that very security, ironically!

Under this scenario of habitual neurology, reflective people understand the fundamental source of unhappiness - falling prey to emotional attachments and the associated fear of losing them.  The fear of death also has its origin in that mindset.  As our self-awareness deepens, we see the process of being caught by the vortex of habitual thought driving us towards emotional attachments.  That sensing brings about an alertness helping us weaken the power of habitual neurology.  It sustains an inner clarity that keeps us company and prevents us from being taken over by attachments.   One sees a door in the wall that one builds around oneself.  That door opens and it throws a significant light on what is meant by psychological death.

In his book “Stillness Speaks”, Eckhart Tolle says, “The secret of life is to die before you die and know that there is no death.”  Obviously, the first ‘die’ in his statement refers to the psychological death.  Some people intuitively sense the ‘soul-value’ in that transformation.  They apply themselves to the inward journey through self-awareness and understand the difference between the psychological death and one’s physical demise.  The psychological death reveals the sacredness behind one’s true Essence as different from the ego-self sustained by thought.  Simultaneously, one feels the deathlessness of that Essence and that is how people who go through a near death experience (NDE) lose the fear of death.

During the NDE, the mind is temporarily freed from the ego-self allowing it to experience the vast universal consciousness of which one’s Essence is an integral part.  Messages from NDEs can help us understand the meaning of psychological death and the purity of aloneness.     

The following NDE from Denise V (Episode No. 3221) published by the Near Death Experience Research Foundation ( is relevant to the above matter:

Shining down upon this sea of humanity was a blindingly beautiful light.  Pink, golden and white - brilliantly luminous.  A sort of "voice" or realization arose within me and spoke.  Although nobody appeared, I felt the presence of something immense and eternal standing to my right. It informed me that the people I was seeing, were all those who had ever lived.  Yet here they were - alive! It told me that all of them…..were me!  Not only that... but I was each of them!  I understood this presence was "God".  And then God made it clear that all these people - and I - were God.  And that He was us.  He told me that there was no "death".  I was seeing life's continuance.  A never ending flow of humanity, moving within the stream of Life -  a beautiful, eternal flow  which we're forever part of.


March 14, 2014

Waking up to it now!

One of the main messages from the near death experiences is that we do not usually bring in sacredness and compassion in our relationships.  The reason we feel a pang when a near one passes away is related to this lapse.  Normally we meet a person through the image we have of that person.  That person’s presence merely triggers his or her image in us and thereafter we are with the image and not with the person.  In other words, we are not alive to the person psychologically.  We are so used to it that we remain unaware of that fact.   When the person’s end comes, we suddenly realize our fault, but now there is no more a chance to meet him or her in a living manner.

Once we notice this habitual lapse in our relationships, we bring in sufficient awareness and aliveness to them that the resulting link imbued with sacredness and compassion brings in the joy of communion and communication.  In fact, it then spills over beyond human relationships to the other living beings as well and even to the so-called inanimate things.  The joy of living fills one’s being and the demand for ego-satisfaction takes a back bench - and perhaps no bench at all! 

Under those circumstances, the usual tendency to use everything to one’s satisfaction and security begins to dissolve of its own accord.  Because we really meet our near and dear ones in an intense manner when they are alive, we can help them pass on peacefully when their last hour arrives.  There will be no lamenting or crying in self-pity etc.  Also, when our own last day comes, the others can take it well too.  Such partings are imbued with dignity and a sense of completeness.          

December 20, 2013


In life, parting times are of two types: (1) The temporary type - when we depart on a short-term basis from our near and dear ones with the prospect of rejoining them sooner or later. (2) The final one - when we pass on, at the end of our life.  The temporary ones can be considered as a matter of miniature death.  That is why they trigger an emotional welling up, perhaps reminding us of the final parting.  It is good to reflect on both the types of parting because they can bring depth to our life – from death to depth!

Those people who understand some aspects of the final parting, through a near death experience or otherwise, have interesting and comforting messages to give us.  The following is a letter by Louise Hay, in the form of a poem, to her friend who was close to dying.  This is taken from the book ‘Experiencing the Soul’ edited by Eliot Jay Rosen.  (Some minor editing has been done to the original script.)  The poem can take us to very pensive grounds – and, perhaps by a spirally rising path, to dizzy heights!

The Letter


We are always safe, it is only change.

From the moment we are born, we are preparing to be embraced by the light once more.

Position yourself for maximum peace.

Angels surround you and are guiding you each step of the way.

Whatever you choose will be perfect for you.

Everything will happen in the perfect time-space sequence.

This is a time for joy and rejoicing. You are on your way home as we all are.


I have often thought of my own death as ‘The End of the Play’.

The final curtain descends.  The applause is over.

I go to my dressing room and remove my makeup.

The costume is left on the floor.

The character is no longer me.  Naked I walk to the stage door.

As I open the door, I am met by a smiling face.

It is the new Director, new script and costume in hand.

I am overjoyed to see all my loyal fans and loved ones waiting.

The applause is loving and deafening.

I am greeted with more love than I have ever experienced before.

My new role promises to be an exciting one.


I know life is always good.  Wherever you are, all is well. You are safe.

See you later. Bye! 


December 14, 2013

Impact of NDE on Religious Attitudes

The attitude after the NDE towards religion can be as varied as the NDEs themselves!  However, in general there is a certainty in the NDEers that there is an extraordinarily loving and Supreme Power whom everyone will meet on the other side.  There is universality in that feeling that cuts across culture, nationality, religious affiliation etc.  That is what gives the experience the touch of true spirituality which cannot be the monopoly of any man-made group.

Now we see some possible classifications.

Case 1

People of this case are those who were atheists before the NDE. They turn to religious involvements after the experience; may become members of organized religious practice or strike their own trail uninfluenced by conventional practices.

Case 2

Here the theists before the NDE become more entrenched in their previous practices and continue to abide by their beliefs.  After the NDE, they interpret the Supreme Being of the Light (met during the experience) as the God of their religious concept.

Case 3

These people had been theists or atheists but feel that conventional religious approaches cannot contain the expansive perception of the Supreme Being to whom they are exposed on the other side.  They adopt a more natural disposition towards spirituality; move towards non-sectarian religious practices characterized by universality and the path of enquiry, such as philosophic Hinduism and Buddhism.

Case 4

You may find other types of NDE people whom we can club under this case or more cases!    

Reflection on these varied aftermath of the NDE can take us to deeper levels of perception about life and the afterlife.


November 14, 2013

The following is a classic case of vision prior to passing away.

Father lies dying. The hospital is quiet. Visiting hours are over and the sun has long since set. Father has been sleeping off and on all day. His doctor says the end could come at any time. His wrinkled, sunken eyes open slowly. His breathing has been labored, but now it seems to ease and soften. His eyes track to a corner of the room where there is only a faded green vinyl chair. Father smiles.

"You're here," he whispers.

His daughter, determined to be with him in his final moments, takes his hand. "Yes, I'm here, dad," she says. But she knows he's not looking at her.

"No," father says, never taking his eyes off the corner of the room. "There. It's your uncle Jerome. I never thought I'd see him again."

The daughter glances to the corner, but of course sees nothing. Father seems coherent. In fact, she hasn't seen him so alert in days.

"Oh my!" Father's smile broadens. "And Lucille! And mother is with them! They- they say they have come to help me. They have come to take me with them. Can't you see them? They look so wonderful!"

The daughter wraps her father's hand in both of hers. She doesn't know what to think. Father closes his eyes again and the smile slowly fades from his lips. He releases one long, last breath... and is gone.

Reflections on the above can help us move into a soul-search type awareness.  That begins to have impact in our daily life to the point that we stop manipulating life to fit our ego satisfaction and security.

November 13, 2013

Death bed visions can tell us something about the transition period between life and the afterlife.  The following messages are available from related websites: 

Extensive research into these mysterious visions was carried out in the 1960s and 1970s by Dr. Karlis Osis of the American Society for Psychical Research. Osis considered thousands of case studies and interviewed more than 1,000 doctors, nurses and others who attended the dying. The work found a number of fascinating consistencies:

  • Although some dying people report seeing angels and other religious figures (and sometimes even mythical figures), the vast majority claim to see familiar people who had previously passed away.
  • Very often, the friends and relatives seen in these visions express directly that they have come to help take them away.
  • The dying person is reassured by the experience and expresses great happiness with the vision. Contrast this with the confusion or fear that a non-dying person would experience at seeing a "ghost." The dying also seem quite willing to go with these apparitions.
  • The dying person's mood - even state of health - seems to change. During these visions, a once depressed or pain-riddled person is overcome with elation and momentarily relieved of pain... until death strikes.
  • These experiencers do not seem to be hallucinating or to be in an altered state of consciousness; rather, they appear to be quite aware of their real surroundings and conditions.
  • Whether or not the dying person believes in an afterlife is irrelevant; the experience and reactions are the same.

When we pay attention to this matter of pre-death visions, our intuition begins to take over and help us towards leading a responsible and meaningful life.  

October 23, 2013

Reports of near death experiences keep pouring in and YouTube comes up with a number of videos on the direct reporting by the experiencer.   Teri Rose is on one of them.  She describes how the NDE took her away from the conventional religious expositions and brought clarity about the higher dimension, beyond the one we are familiar with on earth.  The following link would take you to her narration.

It is good to reflect on Teri's messages as they can give us some insight into the other dimension. 

September 28, 2013

Messages from NDEs can be quite revealing and comforting at the same time.  Some experiencers express the messages more articulately than others.  Two messages in this regard come out clearly from the following rendering of Lori, E.  This is taken from the episodes archived by .   


"We are all made of the same light, the same energy Being so connected, and seeing the similarities in myself and others has made it extremely easy for me to communicate with people and to support their journeys here on earth. I am able to tell people with complete certainty that we are all connected, that we are all one. I know there is absolutely nothing to fear about death, I know it is just a transition away from the physical.

"I certainly now believe we live lives all at the same time. We are not punished or judged by anyone. Our judgment is here on earth, we are always judging ourselves and others, although I don't believe we should be.  I know now, that it is okay just to "be." That me being here and living is enough. I try everyday to be kind to myself and to others. Some days are easier than others, but I am trying, especially with the judgment part. I really have no room for judgment in my life."

August 28, 2013

A Comforting Message

The many messages from near death experiences lead us into mixed feelings.  However, most of them have a comforting content.  The main comforting message is that there is no judgment or condemnation from a harsh entity in that dimension of awareness; there is only an overwhelming flood of unconditional love, irrespective of the culture or religion to which the person belongs.  There are also other comforting messages that give a lot of trust in the journey of life.  Here we look into one such.

The entity meets some being or beings during the initial out-of-body experience or during the tunnel travel.  They are usually from the deceased relatives or friends and appear much younger, happier and healthier than they were last seen by the entity.  When they tell the entity that it is not yet time for him or her to pass on, they also reassure the entity that he or she will be cured of whatever bodily damage caused them to have the NDE.  Many of their predictions in that direction, though appearing improbable to the entity at the time, come surprisingly true.

PMH Atwater reports that sometimes even animal pets (who passed on earlier) appear in that situation and comfort the entity.  They speak telepathically. Physical sensations of being licked, rubbed or pawed are felt and enjoyed.

All in all, the entity is made to feel deeply comforted by the greeters at the death’s door.  There is more to it than presented here.  It is good to dwell on these messages of NDEs so that we gain a lot of insight into life and the afterlife.  It can help us lead a life of serenity and look forward to the afterlife with deep trust in Divinity.

August 19, 2013

It would be interesting to look into the ancient cultures which brought in intuitive awareness of what lies as a common substratum behind life and death.  In this connection, Hinduism and Buddhism have delved deeply and have come up with the understanding of what there is beyond and behind the apparent.  Elisabeth Kubler Ross has made a careful study of the two cultural output and gives expression to them in her book "DEATH - The Final Stage of Growth".  She talks about how those cultures brought in a very wide perspective that can help human beings transcend both life and death. The following lines are from her book:

"Accept death as the chief fact of life and as the main signal that all the things you hope for will be utterly destroyed in due course and that once you come to be able to neither long for life nor fear death, you are beginning to transcend both life and death and coming into unity with the Changeless Absolute. [......]. That seems to be a most valuable lesson to be learned by those who live in this modern era when the preservation of human life by the postponement or escape from death is pursued at all costs."

Messages from the NDE people echo the same content in different ways.  It would be interesting to study them in the light of the discoveries by ancient cultures.

July 7, 2013

People interested in near death experiences will also find the topic of hypnotic regression a rewarding one, in terms of looking into the hidden aspects of life.  In general, they both tell us about the long journey of life in this universe making us evolve and merge with Divinity. 

As in any field, there are quacks in the field of regression too.  People have to be careful not to be taken in by them.  It would be good to read what some authors on regression say and also reflect on the messages in general about hypnosis and regression.   Two very good books in this direction are: (1) ‘You Have Been Here Before’  by Edith Fiore and (2) ‘Your Past Lives’ by Michael Talbot.  The book by Gina Cerminara entitled ‘Many Mansions’ gives a lot of information on the effect past lives have on our present one.

Michael Talbot says, “A person in touch with his or her past lives has discovered one of life's most profoundly rewarding experiences. All in all, hypnotic regression is a wonderful field to explore.  It can transform our lives to the point of longing for Divinity, rather than use God to one’s end by adopting some religious methods.

June 12, 2013

The New Age Spirituality looks into the possibility of discovering the esoteric side of life instead of merely giving oneself over to some belief system or ideas of agnosticism. Being interested in understanding what happens during the period between two lifetimes helps us as a catalyst in that direction.  Many facts about that period have been revealed by Near death Experiences, Spontaneous Revelations in the waking state and by Hypnotic Regression.  Of these, interesting information on the item of Spontaneous Revelations is reported by Frederick Lenz in his book 'Lifetimes'. 

Lenz has interviewed a number of people who had the revelations about the discarnate period.  He says that they talk about people having to go through four major stages before the soul enters the next incarnation.  The following paragraph is taken from his book:

"From the descriptions of people who have had conscious remembrance of their passage through the non-physical worlds, it would appear that each of these worlds is strikingly different.  In each case, people described four separate worlds through which they passed after death.  The first of these worlds, which can be termed the 'vital world', is a dark, murky place inhabited by unhappy and tormented souls.  The second is a 'mental world' filled with ideas, pleasing shapes, and artistic qualities and essences. The third world is a 'psychic world' filled with beautiful light.  This is a world of tremendous joy in which many luminous beings exist.  The fourth world is the 'soul's world'. People felt that their soul rested in this world and prepared itself for its next birth.  While some persons have reported seeing additional worlds, or subsections of these worlds, all of them have reported passing through these four worlds."    


June 1, 2013

There have been a small percentage of negative scenarios in Near Death Experiences.  This indicates that NDEs are not stereotyped and so have something to do with the way we live here.  Studies have not yet yielded results on the correlation between a person's NDE and his lifestyle.  However, it has been marginally noticed that people who have indulged in strong self-incrimination end up having an unpleasant time during the experience. In any case, the more we study NDEs, the more we feel responsible for the way we live.

Edgar Cayce, the American Psychic, had said that all that we carry to the other side (after our death) is what we have done to others, good and bad.  The truth behind this statement has been more than vindicated by the messages of NDEs.  It has been known that the life review during a NDE generally centers around our kind or harsh treatment of others.  All these indicate that our compassionate behavior during our life time here will mean something on the other side.  Once we understand the hidden issues behind the messages of NDEs, compassion becomes a natural accompaniment to our dealings with people; with other living beings too!  We don't have to make an effort to be compassionate.   When compassion is through effort, it is motivated by self-interest and so can have no spiritual content to it.     

May 22, 2013

People who feel that there is more to life (than the conventional awareness would have us believe) spread out their investigation into the region of paranormal phenomena.  One of the questions that arises after paying attention to the messages of Near Death Experiences is: Is there any correlation between the way we live here and what we experience on the other side when we pass on? 

This exploration can be quite significant because it will have an impact on our perceptions and help us lead a calm life.  The reason why it leads us to such a holistic state is that it will bring in a strange confidence based on the fact that we are looking into the deeper purpose of life and that we stay focused on what is expected of us here.  The meaningfulness of the long journey of life towards our merger with the Ultimate will be clear.  That kind of inner clarity leads to compassion towards our fellow human beings and even towards the other manifestations on this planet.  It is a matter of inner integration with oneself that washes away mental conflicts and leads to true religiosity.  Sectarian religious practices are unable to do that because they toe the line of the ego and remain forever self-centered in their approach.  Being self-centered, they create enemies and remain in perpetual conflict with them.      

May 13, 2013

One of the problems that the near death experiencers face is the treatment they receive from people who are emotionally attached to belief systems.  Somehow the believers seem to feel threatened by the messages from NDEs.  Since NDEs are universal in character, they do not support any sectarian religious beliefs.  They point to a spirituality that cannot be contained by any group-psychology, as all group-outlook is exclusivist in character.

PMH Atwater explains the above situation in detail in her book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near Death Experiences" (Chapter 15).  She says that the most tragic instances of scorn are those that occur to child experiencers.  One nine year old boy that she interviewed was repeatedly admonished by the visiting minister that the boy would rot in hell if he did not publicly recant what he claimed to have seen when he "died".  The mother of the boy was terrified and the boy was terribly confused.       


March 14, 2013

The following episode is taken from the records of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (  The interesting thing about it is the shift in the perception of things and space while being in the other dimension.  This perception clicks with the presentation of Advaita (Monism) in the Upanishads.  It is also interesting to note that Ramana Maharishi said, “On moving into the Universal Consciousness, the distance between you and the star collapses.”  

3265. Gustave P STE  2/9/13 The soul, or our consciousness, is *in* all things and *is* all things. I wasn't seeing, so much as I was *being* what I wanted to perceive. If I wanted to look at a pine tree, I wasn't actually "seeing" the pine tree, I *was* or *became* the pine tree—from whatever perspective I chose to observe it. I could either see it as a tree or know it at the molecular level. Since *I was* also the tree, there was no limitation to my ability to "perceive" or "know" the tree. In fact, this is a better way of putting it. The soul (or the nub of consciousness that we become one with when we leave our bodies) doesn't "see" things—we "know" things. If we want to see a pine tree, we "know" it. We don't "see" it, as on earth we do with our eyes. Also, concepts like "near" or "far" are meaningless to the "soul" because we are one with all things and all things are one with us. We see distant things with the same perfect clarity as nearby things, because there is no such thing as near or far—those terms are only used to refer to the position of earthly things relative to each other.

February 28, 2013

An interesting thing about the Near Death Experience is that it takes us into a different dimension of consciousness where we are able to see and hear the usual sights and sounds without the corresponding organs functioning in our bodies!  The following episode is reported as a case study in the book "Death's Door" by Jean Ritchie:

Milly had an automobile accident when her car was hit by another from behind - a hit-and-run case.  She was thirty-four at that time.  Her car rolled over three times and it was a miracle that she survived the accident.  Following the hit, Milly floated over the scene of the accident, felt no pain and was very calm and peaceful.  The remarkable thing about Milly floating above the car is that she was able to see the other car that hit her.  She saw its make, color and registration number - none of which she could have seen from the wreck of her own car, and which she had not had a chance to see before the crash.  By the time she had climbed out of the window, the other car had sped on.  The only explanation of her right information about it was that she had really been in a vantage point above the scene and that she was able to see without the use of her eyes!  With the information Milly gave them, the police were able to trace and arrest the driver, and he was subsequently prosecuted.   

January 3, 2013

Early researchers in the field of NDE, Raymond Moody and Kenneth Ring, identified the following five stages as being the key factors in an overall picture of the NDE:

1. A feeling of overwhelming peace

2. The out-of-body experience

3. Movement into a dark tunnel (or some passage that is dark)

4. Meeting a Light

5. Entering the Light

PMH Atwater reports that a Southern California Study scrutinized 50 NDE accounts from 41 people and obtained the following results:

Stage 1 was experienced by 70 % of the cases

Stage 2                                  66 %

Stage 3                                  32 %

Stage 4                                  62 %

Stage 5                                  18 %

It will be interesting to look into the lifestyle and mental outlook of the people in the study to derive possible correlations between those two parameters and the character of the NDE.  If you have had a NDE or come across anyone who went through a NDE, please contact me at  The more cases we have, the more the possibility of finding the correlation. 

December 26, 2012

It is interesting to note that skeptics have raised many objections against NDE being a valid experience proving there is life after death.  PMH Atwater, a seasoned researcher on NDE, covers those objections in her book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near Death Experiences".  She puts forth valid explanations to counter the skeptics.   The following excerpt is taken from such a chapter of her book.

"While there are admittedly some cross-cultural differences and variations in individual scenarios, the claim that near death responses are biased because of personal or cultural expectations doesn't hold up.  As we have seen, many who were atheists and then had near death experiences became believers in God.  And many report having episodes that differed from - and profoundly changed their attitudes about - their religious beliefs and notions about death.  Also, those who have never heard of or read about near death states report the same scenarios as those who are familiar with them.  And children too young to have received religious or cultural conditioning - or to have developed a concept of death - have basically the same scenarios as adults."    

As you can see, the skeptics would have a hard time  facing these challenges.

December 4, 2012

Edith Fiore, author of the book 'You Have Been Here Before', has done a lot of work in the field of the 'After-Life' and 'Before-Life' .  The following videos give a glimpse of her work. 

Edith Fiore  The Unquiet Dead

Edith Fiore – on Regression


November 26, 2012
As everyone knows, the ego sustains itself through some identification, such as nationality, religion, language, race etc.  When we see the harm done to us and others by this habitual functioning of the mind, we begin to wonder whether one can be free of this psychological syndrome at all.  That wonderment paves the way for us to discover the inward freedom that can progressively weaken the ego.   Many may find this frightening because they imagine that can lead to letting others walk over us - that is, we become jelly-like!  The actuality is far from it.  Freedom from the ego leads to abundant feeling for everything in the Divine manifestation and so to a level of confidence that precludes emotional reactions. It takes us to a different dimension that makes us behave with firmness and surety while also letting unconditional love flow through us in all our undertakings.

The following is taken from an episode of NDE (  The reseracher's question and the answers of the experiencer are given here:

 What emotions did you feel during the experience?   None. This was a state of infinite power that leaves all emotions way behind. When I think of emotions I think of feelings that are brought on by certain events or perceptions. Here, the state I was in was well beyond this. It was a state of total awareness and Knowingness. When you are already aware of everything that there is that pertains to you, there is nothing left to be emotional about.  
During your experience, did you encounter any specific information / awareness that God or a supreme being either does (or does not) exist?   Yes   What I experienced was essence. How do I describe essence? I will try, but again this is a very feeble attempt that is only worth mentioning for the sake of writing something in this box; Essence: a continuous melting pot of unlimited unmanifested power, capable of becoming anything- ANYTHING!- at the spur of the moment, being aware and knowing at all times everything that ever was, and ever will be possible, including the seemingly impossible (there is no such thing as the impossible except that it is impossible for God to not be God) Essence: Pure love, for lack of a word that is beyond love.

November 18, 2012

One of the sad aspects of the human psychology today is the gross ignorance of many people about the NDE.  When people listen to the NDEer, they feel that the person has flipped; they refuse to understand the greatness and the beauty of the experience.  They put it down to delirium (and the like) and suggest psychotherapy for curing the patient!  Given below is an example of this taken from Raymond Moody's book "The Light Beyond":  

   Almost immediately after the experience, Martha knew that her life had changed, that new realities had opened to her and that she would never again be the same.  She wanted to tell her family – even her doctor – about the experience.  But as she grappled for the right words to explain the episode, she realized an awful truth.  Rather than seeing interest and delight on the faces of the people around her bed, she saw instead concern and fear.

    “They thought that I had gone off the deep end”, said Martha.  “My mother was worried. She tried to lecture me at first.  She tried to tell me that it was very easy to get carried away with the Bible and that I had to keep a cool head.  I tried to tell her that I wasn’t talking about anything I had read or heard in church, but that this was something that had happened to me.”

   If her parents were bad, her doctor was worse.

    “He told my parents that I was delirious and hallucinating.  He wanted me to see a psychiatrist right away.  They thought that I had lost my mind and I was sent to a mental hospital for treatment.  I just could not believe that this was happening to me.”


Those of you who see the tragedy of this can help by responding wisely to the NDEer if you happen to meet one.  You can also contact me for any involvement if needed.  We have to act as effectively as possible so that the experiencer is put at ease while many try to tell the person that he or she has gone cuckoo! 

 November 7, 2012

The NDEs have many variations and yet there is a common, robust thread running through all of them.  It is interesting to note the simultaneous nature of the variations and the sameness of the many NDEs.  The following is an excerpt from an episode taken from the archives of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation  (  It  is one of the strange cases.  To go through the full narration, please go to the site and look in 'Exceptional NDEs'.

NDEs due to surgical complications.  Remarkable encounter with grandmother in experience at time grandmother had a stroke, and again when grandmother died.  Rare: Two separate shared death experiences.

3107.  Karen vDK NDE. 8/11/12 From the Netherlands.  During the operation of April 23, I was aware of a hugely intense feeling of love and compassion. I traveled through a kind of tunnel, time didn't exist and I found myself at a 'gate' together with 3 figures. One of them I recognized as my grandmother (who was still alive at that time).  The other two were like 'beings' human-like, but unidentifiable. The feeling of harmony, love and 'goodness' was overwhelming.  At one point we were 'told' we weren't allowed to pass yet and had to go 'back'. We were both reluctant. It wasn't told in so many words. I went, my grandmother stayed.  Next day my husband told me, my grandmother had a stroke and was unconscious and in a very serious condition. But I already knew, I said... My grandmother. She happened to have a severe stroke during my first experience, and actually died during my second one.

August 17, 2012    

The more we look into the narrations of the NDE people, the more pensive and reflective we become.  We sense a loftier purpose to our life than be confined to our petty little possessions, success and social approval.  We understand our responsibility to our fellow beings in terms of ensuring not only a comforting situation but submerging them in a field of unconditional love that gives a Divine touch to our lives.  The messages from NDEs can help us free ourselves from emotional attachment to sectarian religious practices and, in the process, elevate ourselves to evolved levels of living with loftier perceptions.   

The following quotes from NDE people are taken from 'Reflections on Life After Life' by Raymond Moody:

"It seemed that for a second I knew all the secrets of ages, all the meaning of the universe, the stars, the moon - everything."

"He showed me all that I had done, and then He asked me if I was satisfied with my life. He was interested in love. Love was it."

PMH Atwater says the following in her book 'Complete IDIOT'S Guide to Near Death Experiences':  

"Regardless of age, those who experience near death states typically shift their concerns afterward to issues of moral upliftment, service and spirituality.  What is truly incredible, though, is how they handle violence.  Almost to a person they shy away from violent speech and acts, preferring to use innovative and responsible ways to deal with conflict.        

July 20, 2012

People who go through a near death experience say that, in the other dimension, they feel 'embraced with comfort, love and reverence'.  They also say that those feelings far outweigh our wildest imaginations in that direction.   The International Association for Near Death Studies ( published the NDE description of Patricia Bassett in their newsletter Vital Signs (Spring 2012 - Vol.31, Number 1).  It is indeed one of the exemplary NDEs.  Patricia had the NDE when she was drowning in a rough sea which she ventured along with her boy friend.  The following is an excerpt from her narration:

  "Beyond my body I moved to the bright eternal Light - the wisdom and source of all life.  I connected, vibrated and temporarily engaged with the insight and knowledge of the divine.  My soul began to explore a realm filled with peace and silence. As I moved toward the Light within infinitely vast space, I observed layered groups of majestic light beings.  It appeared as though I could reach right through them to another dimension.  Colors were of similar hues and harmonious in nature, and a bright comforting source of Light illuminated everything.  Thought transference with these beautiful light beings heightened my awareness, and a sense of ultimate stillness prevailed.  As they beckoned to me, I begged not to be taken any further.  There was a conscious point of no return from this source of Light.  I was embraced with comfort, love and reverence - yet my commitment to my loved ones who wouldn't understand my departure also resonated within my soul a resistance.  I experienced my eighteen years of life as an intense and alert flash of realization.  It was telepathically conveyed to me that I needed to return to my earthly form, as I had an abundance of love and guidance to give and work to finish.  I felt committed to my loved ones, who wouldn't understand my leaving them." 

The full article is indeed a wonderful expression of what lies in the other dimension.  These are the communications that draw us magnetically to the issue of NDEs.  They can greatly enrich our lives.


 July 6, 2012

PMH Atwater, a well known researcher in the field of NDE, has authored a book entitled "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near Death Experiences".  She has covered a variety of issues related to NDE in that book.  The following lines are from her pages:

Near-death states can be ever so brief, or they can be quite lengthy or involved.  They can consist of signature features, those characteristics widely found, or a diversity of elements that occur less often.

Even though there are certain shared signature features in a majority of cases, there is no uniform set of characteristics that everyone's near-death episode has.  Sometimes an individual hears only a voice and nothing more.  But that embodied voice can prove to be a life-changer in the person's life.  Sometimes an individual is transported by an extraordinary means to distant universes or just "hovers" around the death scene.


July 1, 2012

  The International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) covers both NDEs and STEs. There are experiences similar to NDEs but not exactly from dying.  These are known as STEs (Spiritually Transformative Experiences).

IANDS published an article in their newsletter (Vol. 30, Number 3) entitled "Founding Father's interview - John Audette".  During that interview, John says, ". . . . The cornerstone insights I derived from my own study of STEs and NDEs are as follows:     

  1.  We are all one.  Everything comes from the same source and returns to the same source.

  2.  There is survival of consciousness beyond death.  Death is not the end of existence.

  3.  The purpose of life is to love one another and serve each other unconditionally.

  4.  There is a supreme being, Source or Creator who is the perfect manifestation of unconditional love.

  5.  There is no reason to fear death for it is only a doorway to another level of existence.

  6.  What we do unto others, we do unto ourselves.  Everything in the cosmos is interconnected.

  7.  When we serve the greater good of all things, we are in true harmony with the whole of the universe.

         It is good to reflect on those tenets.  That can bring about a transformation in us.  


June 6, 2012

The messages from the NDE-people are variegated and include a wide spectrum of issues.  And yet, through them all runs a central core of strange focus on peace and love - a love that cannot be coded by what we are familiar with on this side.  The more episodes of NDE we read, the more we are impressed with the unknown, the uncommon and the unfamiliar; also, the more we are invited to investigate into the beyond.  The following paragraph is taken from the IANDS report on NDE to its members for the month of December 2011.  In this, the NDE person tries to explain many things that he was exposed to during the time the person was 'dead' and the following is a small excerpt from it.

   "Things like: "God" (for lack of a better term) is actually an entity of energy without beginning or end made up of every bit of energy in the known universe and every dimension yet unknown. Who we are is not the body that manifests in this reality on earth, but the life force of energy that is one with all energy that is "God." All religions are man-made, in an effort to try and understand what cannot be understood. So we as humans feel that we are in some way in control of our destinies on earth. That we have the ability to decide between what is right and what is wrong, and act accordingly. Prayer is real, not because you ask for "God" to change things but because in a state of meditative prayer, especially with the power of others directing their energy on the same thought, you tap into the ultimate power of all that is, to change the physical manifestation of things (people, outcomes, events) here on earth. "

It is good to reflect on that Universal Energy as the esoteric background to our life on this planet.  


May 21, 2012

If we can probe into the statements of some NDE episodes, they seem to be coming from an inexhaustible vessel, pouring out profound and enigmatic pointers.  The more we look into them, the more we wish to lead a vibrant life characterized essentially by two things:  (1) Unconditional love towards all living beings and (2) An insatiable desire to acquire knowledge about all aspects of the Universe – theoretical as well as that related to the soul.

The following answers by an NDE person to questions by Raymond Moody (on the topics of love and knowledge) are given in his book “Reflections on Life after Life”: 

[The 'He' in the answers here refers to the 'Divine Voice'] 

[About love] Now, He asked me about love.  How far had I learned to love?  What He was asking was obvious to me then, but it is so hard to explain now.  He wanted me to understand that it was a kind of love that has nothing to do with downgrading people.  Could I love people, even when I knew them well, even their faults, was what He was asking.”  

[About knowledge]  The knowledge that I had gained.  That was mentioned too.  . . . What kind of knowledge?  Well, it is hard to say, you know. But it was knowledge of basic things, causes of things, the basic universal principles . . . . of things that hold the universe together . .. I was told that that was important over there too. . . . “

We will see more of these in my blog:

May 19, 2012

In the IANDS newsletter (Vital Signs) of Winter 2010, its editor Lee Witting published an article entitled "OUT OF MY TREE- Can an NDE be a death?".   In that article, a quotation from the Tibetan Book of the Dead is given.  It runs as follows:

"At the moment of death there will appear to you, swifter than lightning, the luminous splendor of the colorless light of emptiness, and that will surround you on all sides.  Terrified, you will want to flee from the radiance... Try to submerge yourself in that light, giving up all belief in  a separate self, all attachment to your illusory ego.  Recognize that the boundless light of the true reality is your own true self, and you shall be saved." 

It is interesting to note that the NDE people express the same in their own way.   


May 17, 2012

From the Seattle IANDS Group archives
Anita Moorgani's NDE, brought on by cancer in Feb 2006 in Hong Kong, is one of the great stories of healing. Anita's words: "None of us are as 'real' or physical as we think we are. From what I saw, it looked like we are energy first, and that the physical is only an expression of our energy. And, therefore, we can change our physical reality if we change our energy. It is in that moment of elevating your energy level that you can change your future. With this knowledge we can create our own heaven or hell here on earth."

For more details see  


 April 28, 2012.

The following is an excerpt from a NDE report published by the International Association for Near Death Studies, Durham, NC, USA:

   In this account, a man tells of his experience in another realm after attempting suicide. In addition to his account of what he saw and did, he also reports things that he now “knows.” He does not say how he knows these things. It is not uncommon to obtain understanding and information while one’s consciousness is outside one’s body, especially if one travels to another realm.

......"I awoke briefly in the emergency room of the hospital with paramedics yelling at me to turn my head and throw up. They had put a tube through my throat into my stomach filled with a charcoal mixture. I slowly faded out of consciousness again, hearing their faint yelling "get the paddles . . . he's code blue."

"I then remember a great flash of bright light and sense of traveling a great distance, seemingly almost instantaneously.
   " I found myself standing on bright green grass, completely surrounded by a red-brick circular structure approximately 50 feet high, with no roof . . . the sky was clear and bright blue. Looking around the circumference from within, I saw 5 doors of what appeared to be thick reddish oak (each door was about 10 feet high by 5 feet wide, and each had a silver handle). There were no markings on the doors . . . they were all identical. I chose a door by what I thought was a random choice, opened it, and walked into a vacuum of gently swirling white and pale yellow light, accompanied by the absolute knowledge of serenity and peace.

   "I immediately knew that my soul would have to return to its earthly plane, but I was (and remain) absolutely convinced that the soul is eternal, and when it is our time to pass on, it is the individual's choice to remain in whatever their belief "heaven" is, or to return as a more sensitive, spiritual, evolved person to continue our spiritual fulfillment and become more enlightened. I knew that I would choose to keep coming back and learning more and more, and help others in the process if I could." 


April 23, 2012

For an extensive report on one of the most elaborate Near Death EXperiences, please visit the following site:  

There i s so much to learn from it that the reader will be very charged about moving towards deeper perspectives on death and, so, on life.


April 19, 2012

I have published a press release in FreePRnow pages on Near Death Experience.  Please visit the site:

The release deals with four main messages from the accounts of NDEs.


March 31, 2012
Research on Out-of-body Experience

Some people see the issue that one way of bringing depth to life is by paying attention to what lies beyond the apparent.  In that sense, paranormal phenomena provide wonderful scope for exploration.  That is where out-of-body experiences beseech attention.  Those interested may get in touch with Dr Carlos S. Alvarado, Division of Perceptual Studies (2009), University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.  Dr Alvarado says in his interview with Michael Tymn (IANDS, Vital Signs, Vol.28, No.2),  ". . . the phenomena of the field [parapsychology] have implications about human nature that are of great importance."

 Readers may look into the site for deeper involvement.   Also, the site has several articles by Dr Alvarado.

March 28, 2012

Research on Near Death Experience

  Very interesting research results have been archived by the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS), Durham, NC, USA.  This association is dedicated to building global understanding of Near Death Experiences.  You may visit the related site .  To its members, IANDS sends a monthly NDE by email as also a quarterly newsletter (Vital Signs) by postal mail.   For the basic membership, the annual subscription is $ 40 for those within the US and Canada; for those outside, it is $50.  Higher levels of memberships are also available.

   Just reading the accounts of many NDE people has significant impact on our daily life and on our larger perspectives of life and death. 


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