In Quest of the Deeper Self

                                                 A Joyous Adventure


We are all on a sacred journey of life. Appreciation of its beauty becomes a natural

consequence to the dive towards the Deeper Self in us. This book deals with both the

esoteric and practical aspects of our venerable journey.  It comes up with pensive

pointers for reflection and self-awareness.

 Human beings are externalized – hooked on to the outer aspects of life such as material

possessions, fame, identification with a nation, race or the like, and so on.  This is creating

a lot of unhappiness to the individual and, therefore, to humanity as a whole.  Those who

realize this begin to turn inward and apply themselves to ‘Athma Vichara’ – the Soul

Search. “In Quest of the Deeper Self” functions as a wayside companion to them.

The noisy mind and its obstruction to the inner dive are brought out clearly.  Movement

towards the inner silence is portrayed as the essential feature in the quest for the Deeper

Self. In the process of this movement, a pervasive background serenity is discovered.  To

lead one’s daily life from that serenity somehow makes it all very meaningful. A number of

cryptic paradigms are given to highlight the key aspects of the inward journey.  Personal

and planetary transformations are looked into as also the deceptive pursuit of individual


While presenting issues for serious reflection, this book puts forth a rather uncommon

pointer that frivolity and light-hearted attitudes play a healthy role in the movement

towards the Deeper Self.  Such legendary figures as Sherlock Holmes and Tarzan too

perform their little dances in this presentation.

                                Enjoy the book and the journey towards the Self!






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