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                                  This is the subject matter of the book

                           In Quest of the Deeper Self  

     A Joyous Adventure


                                                                                 TC Gopalakrishnan, Ph. D


          Life flows with a depth for those who step out of the conventional functioning of the mind.  There is a serenity that  forms the basis for understanding what lies beyond the apparent - a movement into the Unknown.  Consciousness expands, creating space in our psycho-physical system.  A natural consequence to this is the sensing of the loving presence of Divinity in and around one, unhindered by religious concepts, sectarian beliefs and preferred conclusions.  That sensing has a purity about it because it is totally free of all emotional identifications. There is an inner freedom that makes life vibrant and meaningful. Abundant feeling and respect gush out towards everyone and everything, like a primordial fountain.  

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Most people spend their waking hours with their minds caught up in conventional thoughts – thoughts that breed fear, anger, regret, attachment, resentment, self pity, jealousy and the like. 

     Endless conflicts arise due to the conventional mental state and people go on with it for many years.  The mind gets worn out due to the attrition by thoughts driven by self-centered activity.  Even people who are socially successful, realize rather late in their lives, that they have been chasing a shadow all along – a very deceptive shadow at that.  Mental mediocrity sets in and there is a general dullness.  Is there a way out of all these so that one can live with a child’s freshness, notwithstanding the crowding-in of many negative things in life?  When people take up that question as an intriguing puzzle, they begin to have deeper perspectives about living with serenity.  It helps them dissolve mental conflicts and sustain the freshness of holistic life.

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A Perspective:

Self-awareness and the inward journey.  The more people reflect on these, the more cheerful and vibrant their life becomes.  Everyday life is seen to be a matter of discovery and fun - the Divine gift that it is supposed to be.


Enrichment of daily life takes place through applying oneself to the esoteric side of life, instead of being merely carried away by the routine  and conventional activities filled with  self-importance.

On sensing the connection between Consciousness, Brain and Mind, we move into the inner being that lays the right foundation for a peaceful mind. 

Exploration of the esoteric side of life forms the theme of the book  “In Quest of the Deeper Self”.  


The Near Death  Experience

    One of the potent issues of help comes from  understanding paranormal phenomena  such as the NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (NDE).

Those who have had a NDE may contact me for mutual benefit through discussions and on-going research in this very absorbing field. We can then participate in the research work of organizations such as the International Association for Near Death Studies (http://iands.org), Near Death Experience Research Foundation (http://nderf.org) and Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc (http://ascsi.org).


 email: gopal.tc@gmail.com



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True Spirituality, the movement towards Divinity, is universal in character and cannot be part of any sectarian practice.  That is how it is a matter of joy and fun.  It is not built around such self-centered activities as ensuring a place in heaven, using God to one's end, etc.

 When you go through the pages of this site, you may fly free in the direction of Natural Spirituality.  Please treat the pointers in this site as explorative and not instructive. Your feedback will be much appreciated.   

                Salutations to the Dusk! 



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