The time when a person is about to pass on is significant in some ways both before and after the event.  When we socially isolate dying persons we hardly realize the impropriety involved.  Such isolation results from ignorance of the consciousness transformation that takes place around that time and the person's need for company from people who understand. Those who go through a NDE and those who study their messages can bring in a healthy mental atmosphere to ease the transition of the dying person.  In this connection, the book "Transformed by the Light" by Melvin Morse (with Paul Perry) can enlighten people to a good extent.  The pioneering book "Life After Life" by Raymond Moody can pave the way for clarity in this matter.  There are also other significant books dealing with this esoteric topic.

Melvin Mores says the following:

Death related visions or the use of guided imagery with the dying can result in increased bedside activities, conversations about death and dying, touching, holding, and simply sitting; all which can reverse the social isolation of the dying.

It is good to get involved in this matter even as we are leading a good life so that it won't be too late when the occasion confronts us.