It is important to note that the sectarian religious practices, especially those that insist on the 'one life only' formula, have a tendency to introduce fear in their adherents by this matter of being 'judged' after the bodily death.  A careful and impartial study of the NDE narrations clearly point to the fact that such an insistence is a gross misrepresentation of what transpires after death.  It is a misrepresentation because it is in total contradiction with what thousands of NDE people have reported - there is only unconditional love from the Light and that any judgment is only from oneself so that one can do better on returning to this life or in future lives.  It is a kind of self-learning and cleansing for the onward journey of the soul.  The sectarian religious groups rely on such fear tactics as above in order to exercise strangle hold on its adherents.  They hardly realize the 'vested interest' in their approach and that what they are doing is intrinsically irreligious.  Those who listen to the NDEers can derive some solace that there is no punishing entity on the other side and this helps them come out of the 'fear syndrome'.  The NDE people's stepping out of the fear of death is partly due to this direct understanding - a first-hand sensing of the fact that there is no judgment by an external authority on the other side.

Those of us who have not had a NDE can derive a lot of confidence from this significant message from the near death experience.  Raymond Moody's book "Reflections on Life After Life" goes more into this matter in its Chapter 2 entitled 'Judgment'.   It is such a relief to know what it conveys.