The Near Death Experience and Reincarnation seem to be allied topics as many NDE people report seeing past lives during their clinical death periods. The following episode given by Jean Ritchie in her NDE book "Death’s Door" is a direct pointer to reincarnation (Ritchie, 1996). 
"Ms Jean Allen had her NDE as a result of a horrific accident with a chain saw that she used to cut logs of wood for her fire place.  At the time of the mishap, the saw cut through her cheek, neck, chest and left arm.  Jean was rushed to the hospital and a medical team spent three hours working on her, inserting many stitches.  Before the work started, Jean had a two hour wait and it was during this time that she had her NDE.  She said that the NDE took away the fear of death and that it gave her a lot of faith in life."
The author of the book goes on to say that many people who experience NDE report a much greater sensitivity to the supernatural.  Jean Allen felt that she had become receptive to them since her NDE.  Further, after the NDE, she was convinced that she had lived several previous lives.   While she had quite clear memories of the recent two, her memories of the earlier ones were vague.  The book "Death's Door" contains many absorbing NDE accounts.