In this blog, visitors are invited to take active participation.  That can augment our lateral thinking in the field of spirituality.  The posts will be regarding all aspects of inner freedom that can help one lead a spirited life without conforming to any system.  One would feel like a citizen of the world, if not like a citizen of the Universe!  Your contributions would go a long way in that direction.  Those who function in freedom are the ones who can bring about a different world, a world where the  relationship is based, not on self-identifications and labels, but on unconditional, abundant feeling for all beings and things on earth. 

We begin with a paragraph by J. Krishnamurti, taken from the book ”Krishnamurti's Journal”, published by Krishnamurti Foundation India, Chennai 600028.

 " Space is order.  Space is time, length, width and volume.  This morning the sea and the heavens are immense; the horizon where the yellow flowered hills meet the distant sea is the order of earth and heaven; it is cosmic. That cypress , tall, dark, alone, has the order of beauty and the distant house on that wooded hill follows the movement of the mountains that tower over the low-lying hills; the green field with a single cow is beyond time.  And the man coming up the hill is held within the narrow space of his problems."

Reflecting on the above, one can come into intimate contact with oneself.