In these days of modern science and materialism, the deeper aspects of life are being overlooked, if not criticized.  This has led to a kind of inner poverty that no material riches can ever compensate for.  The increasing number of suicides is a glittering pointer to this in a gathering gloom spawned by such poverty.  When one senses the gloom, one moves naturally into the esoteric region which encourages the study of paranormal phenomena.  If you have had an out-of-body experience (OBE) or a NDE, you will never commit suicide.  They take us into the yonder, exposing us to the spiritual ecstasy that each one of is capable of.  The conventional practices of religion cannot do this because they continue to feed the ego - the primary cause for mental isolation.  Here, a paragraph from Scott Rogo's book "Leaving the Body" is relevant:

"The lesson we learn from all this information [paranormal phenomena] is pretty obvious - a lesson that will become clear to you as you use the OBE for your own spiritual transformation.  The universe and its various dimensions cannot be studied merely by the cold art of scientific measurements and statistics.  It can be studied only by those who have experienced the various domains of the cosmos at first hand."

If you are drawn to what Scott says, you have this tremendous opportunity to explore into the paranormal phenomena.